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Goodbye, Benny Boo

With a heavy and broken heart, I announce that Benny, my sweet Baby Boy and the spokesdog of White Dog Editorial, passed away on March 10, just hours after we celebrated his birthday and the tenth anniversary of the day I adopted him. He'd been doing very well after some setbacks following surgery to remove his gall bladder in late January, so when Benny woke us up around five that morning, we just assumed he had to go potty. But while Brad was getting ready to take him outside, Benny suffered a seizure. Unsure what to do, we quickly headed to the animal hospital about thirty minutes away. Benny died in my arms en route.

This has been an excruciatingly difficult time for Brad and me. I know some people won't understand the deep bond we shared with Benny. But for those of us who are unable to have children, our pets are our children, and Benny was our baby. He was part of Brad's life for almost seven years and was in mine for exactly ten. He came into my life during a particularly low point and immediately brightened my world with his unconditional love and affection. He brought me boundless love, joy, and happiness each and every day, so I'm eternally grateful for the 3,652 days (ten years plus two leap days) I got with him. But I can't help being angry and disappointed that we didn't get more time with him.

Benny, I will forever miss your big, soulful, brown eyes; your soft, white fur, your warm little body snuggled up next to mine; your sweet, gentle kisses; and your spunky personality. What I wouldn't give to see your little wigglebutt running across the room, chasing a toy, or have you drag me down the sidewalk in pursuit of a squirrel. You had so much more life to live and love to give, and it's just so unfair that you were taken from us so soon. I will always love you, Benny Boo Bear. Your love truly rescued me, and I cherish every single moment we spent together. You were the best little boy I ever could've asked for, and I was so blessed to be your mommy.


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