You can stop scrolling right now. You've found one of the best editors on the planet. A+ Five Stars. Jennifer was incredibly helpful on both
my development edit and my copy edit. She helped me turn a rough manuscript into a wonderful story that I am proud to be associated with. All of her input was spot-on whether it was the big story-wide edits or more simple dialogue changes that still maintained the story in my own voice. I can't wait to work with Jennifer on my next project!

—Dan Sanders, author of Screams of Late Spring

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“Jennifer Huston was the perfect partner in my journey to produce a novel. As a first-time author, it’s fair to say I really didn’t know what I didn’t know. She was so much more than just a traditional editor. Her meticulous and comprehensive approach to her craft went well beyond anything I expected or even imagined. But
she did not stop there. She spotted internal inconsistencies, redundancies, and inaccurate historical or cultural references.
She provided advice concerning character development, story flow and pacing. And she reviewed my sources, in some instances providing better and more appropriate or original sources.
The sheer volume of hours she devoted to the task was extraordinary. And the best part was how she became so invested in the cause. Any writer experiences moments of doubt. Having someone like Jennifer alongside you for inspiration can make a world of difference. I described her as a partner because that’s precisely what she is, and that’s how she approaches her job. I am very thankful to have had Jennifer Huston with me in this process, and I’d wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone else seeking a phenomenal editor.”

—Dan Coonan, author of Presidential Spirits

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“Simply put, you will not be sorry if you hire Jennifer Huston as an editor. I received her bid among four others, and although hers wasn't the least expensive, it was obvious to me that she took the time to understand my needs and provide an extremely compelling quote. From the outset, she was extremely communicative, friendly, and supportive. As a first-time author, I didn't know what to expect from an editor, but in the end, I definitely believe she was worth the money I spent. She provided a developmental edit and a copy edit for my 95,000-word narrative nonfiction manuscript. Each of her suggested changes included a reference and a personal note as to why she suggested the change. Even though she didn't include a full fact-check in her quote, she caught several continuity and factual problems in my draft. I now feel I have a manuscript that is ready to start querying, and I have Jennifer to thank for that. I will definitely hire Jennifer again for my follow-up book!”

—Matt Zullo, author of On the Roof Gang: Prelude to War and 
On the Roof Gang: War in the Pacific


“I’ve been a teacher for twenty years, and I was an editor myself for two years, so (truth be told) I thought I knew everything about writing—until I hired Jennifer.

       Jennifer was priced higher than the other editors I considered, but after pouring my heart into a book for a couple years I decided to invest in her based on her impressive sample edit. Best decision
I ever made. She was definitely worth every penny!

       Jennifer is an exceedingly hard worker, extremely professional, and nothing short of an editing genius. Jennifer also went above and beyond the call of duty, making sure I understood how to navigate through her revisions using Track Changes and gave me tips on what to do moving forward. Most importantly, Jennifer made it clear that she truly cares about my book and that it wasn’t just another manuscript. I believe Jennifer loves what she does and takes great pride in a job well done.”

—Claire Josephine, author of The Sad Son


“Jennifer is simply a fantastic editor. She digs in to truly understand the characters, the writer’s voice, and the pulse and flow of the story. Her edits and recommendations are very clear and easy to follow. In the end, she delivered with what she signed up for and more. In addition to the edited manuscript, she crafted a very thorough editorial report and style sheet and included additional guidance for publishing. A writer will be challenged to find someone with the work ethic, attention to detail, and passion that Jen brings to this process. I look forward to working with her again on my next manuscript.”

—Jay Soupene, author of Wapsipinicon Summer and Angels of Mount Hope


“If you're in the market to hire a professional editor who has the skillset to methodically comb through your manuscript and provide constructive feedback that will raise the level of your writing voice, stop searching and hire Jen. You will not regret hiring her to provide the comprehensive editing your manuscript deserves.”

—Michael Bowen, author of The Viewfinder


“It was a joy to work with Jennifer. Her professionalism and knowledge of her craft was outstanding. Because of her careful and thorough editing, she has brought my manuscript to a better level. I now feel more confident sending it out. I could not have asked for a better experience. I am truly grateful for her guidance with this project. Jennifer did an amazing job!”

—Rosalie Turner, author of The Layers of Truth


“It was a real pleasure working with Jennifer. She edited my first attempt at writing a book and far exceeded my expectations. Her deep knowledge as an editor and attention to detail was very professional. She also helped with minor fact-checking and provided me with additional resources for next steps in the publishing process. I highly recommend Jennifer for any type of editing.”

—Charles Zona, author of Ticket Stub Stories

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“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Huston in 2003. I was a first-time author at that point and in great need of an experienced editor. I could not have been happier with Jennifer’s work. I had read my manuscript multiple times, naively thinking nothing more needed to be done. Enter Jennifer. She did a phenomenal job in assisting with character development, and her developmental editing skills were exceptional. She finished her editing very quickly, and I could not have been more pleased with the final product. I have been working on another book and look forward to having Jennifer edit this one as well. She’s not only knowledgeable but a true professional!”

—James Pauley Jr., co-author of Granny and the Gay Guy

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“Working with Jennifer has been an impactful and unique learning experience for me. As I read her edits to my manuscript, I could sense her energy running through the text. She's clearly passionate about and devoted to the written word. I was also fascinated by her skill to draw my attention to tiny details hidden between words. Just by adding one word to a sentence made a huge difference in the overall effect. Jennifer has helped me bring life to many parts of my manuscript to give the reader a captivating experience.”

—Rana Shubair, author of My Lover Is a Freedom Fighter

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“Jen was great to work with. She is very detail-oriented, and was able to help elevate the quality of my manuscript to something
I wouldn't have been able to achieve on my own. I would highly recommend her.”

—Crawford Smith, author of Jackrabbit and Powwows

—Jessica Gunderson, freelance writer

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“I have worked with Jennifer on a number of projects. Jennifer is a highly skilled, meticulous, and conscientious editor. She has excellent suggestions for manuscripts; her suggestions always match the author’s writing style, which is a key quality of a good editor. Her edits are always seamless and produce a fluid and engaging piece of work. Additionally, she is willing to fight for the vision of the writer if others on the editorial team disagree. 
       In addition, Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She is kind and affable in all her correspondence. She is informative and communicative—she keeps authors in the loop on the progress of their manuscripts and never ‘drops off the map,’ which is much appreciated. I enjoy working with Jennifer!”


“Jennifer Huston is an incredible developmental and copy editor. She did a great job editing my twelve-year-old daughter’s first book while maintaining her voice. I am very pleased with Jennifer’s professionalism, dedication, flexibility, and the excellent working relationship throughout the project. Highly recommend her for anyone looking for a professional editor.”

—Rasike Dasanayake, father of Methlinie Dasanayake, author of Not Just Kids

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“I’ve been a freelancer for almost 25 years and have worked with many editors, and Jennifer is easily one of the best. Her comments and queries always improved the clarity and accuracy of the text, and she knows how to tailor the content to the intended audience. She was a joy to work with, and I always looked forward to our next project together.”

—Michael Burgan, freelance writer

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“I have worked in the industry for a while now and found Jennifer to be one of the best editors I have seen. She is a true artist as she can wordsmith text to get to the heart of the author's meaning. Part of this work involves researching the topic so she knows it as well as the author. I have seen her come back from the library with large volumes and quickly get up to speed on a given topic. Jennifer is also a joy to work with, and I have appreciated her guidance, humor, and professionalism. Any author would be lucky to work with Jennifer!”

—Karen Soll Aleo, managing editor, Capstone Professional


“Jennifer is a very competent and versatile professional editor devoted to high quality and to meeting the varied expectations of consumers. She is accustomed to handling multiple projects simultaneously and works withand meetstight deadlines. Her work is marked by clarity and accuracy.”

—David Hogan, writer, editor, copywriter

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“Working with Jennifer was a great experience. She provided professional, timely copy editing and indexing services for the first book in a narrative children’s history series. She made the words flow beautifully on the page. I am particularly impressed with her editing of complicated narration and dialogue that jumped between past and present tenses. I highly recommend Jennifer. I am excited that she will be the copy editor for the rest of the books in the series.”

—Kate Johnson, publisher, Pandia Press

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“I always enjoy having Jennifer Huston as an editor on a project. Her upbeat attitude is matched by a deeply discerning approach to every part of a manuscript. Her clear vision about where a project is headed makes working toward that ideal fun. I take great pride in the work in which Jennifer and I have collaborated and look forward to more in the future.”

—Danielle Smith-Llera, freelance children’s nonfiction writer

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“It was my pleasure to have Jennifer Huston edit several of my titles for Capstone. She always provided helpful advice and guidance regarding my manuscripts, ranging from suggestions on content and organization to ideas for ensuring that the text was age-appropriate for the intended audience. Furthermore, Jennifer was always prompt and pleasant in all of her interactions. She is a true professional!”

—John Micklos, freelance writer and editor


“Jen is a sensational editor and sets a high standard of excellence for herself and her team. I feel that she can handle even the most challenging projects.”

—Susan St. Onge, vice president, product development & editorial, Publications International, Ltd.


“Jennifer is an outstanding member of our editorial team—hardworking, versatile, excellent editorial skills, and a great attitude to top it off!”

—Mike Carpenter, editorial director, Heinemann-Raintree

Michelle Bisson_edited.jpg

—Michelle Bisson, managing editor, Capstone Publishers

“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a very complicated project. Jennifer impressed me mightily with her skills as an editor, ’re-write man,’ and her diplomacy when communicating with authors. Her delicious humor did much to turn what might have been a painful undertaking into a pleasure. Her talent turned the result into a success. Jennifer has a real feel for the subtle nuances that make or break a book, which is especially crucial in books
for children. Jennifer is both an excellent team player and an independent worker. She figures out what's wrong and works to fix it, knowing when to tackle problems herself and when to ask for help with solutions. I would recommend Jennifer for any project, no matter how big or how small.”


“I am elated to tell you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you. As you may remember, I was concerned that your editing would get in the way of my writing, so to speak. But several times, I showed my wife, Sandy, what I’d originally written next to what you had suggested and found myself saying ’Jennifer made this sentence better without changing the ambiance or surroundings or the personality of a character.’ Needless to say, I no longer have any concerns about your comments.

       I hope that gives you an idea about how valuable I have found your work and how comfortable I have become working with your ideas from the obvious and the minor to the ones which required a good deal of thought and the ones which have made my manuscript far, far better than prior to your professional attention. You taught me the meanings and impacts point of view and verisimilitude and that even though it is fiction, when the story is set in a certain place and a specific time, it is much better to have the backdrops accurate.

       Before working with you, I had the idea that only one edit would suffice. Now I have a far better understanding why further editing may be necessary. I am honored that you agreed to work with me and deeply appreciate the expertise, thought, and care you obviously committed to editing my work. Your work has made The Game much, much improved.”

—Eric C. Williams, author of The Game