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Throughout a career that has spanned 20+ years, I have edited close to 300 books. Most childrens books were part of a series of four or more books, so in the interest of saving space, Ill only list the most recent books Ive edited and some of my favorites from years past. If youd like to see the entire list, Id be happy to provide it for you.

Available May 2024
Perfect Village.jpg
Speak for Me Mom-final cover-v8-front.jpg
Ticket Stub Stories - eBook Cover.jpg
Bumpy Rides and Soft Landings cover
Courage to Love cover
Stay cover
The Viewfinder cover
The Sad Son cover
Presidential Spirits cover
On the Roof Gang-Prelude to War cover
On the Roof Gang-War in the Pacific cover
Angels of Mount Hope cover
Wapsipinicon Summer cover
Powwows cover
Jackrabbit cover
My Lover Is a Freedom Fighter
Not Just Kids cover
Squeeze Play cover
The Information Enigma cover
The Game cover
Screams of Late Spring cover
Notre Dame Football Yesterday & Today cover
For the Love of the Chicago Cubs cover
Green Bay Packers Yesterday & Today cover
Elephant Bill and Bandoola's Daring Escape cover
Ghostly Encounters cover
Armchair Goes Hollywood.jpg
Pilots in Peril cover

Writing Experience

Although I identify more as an editor than a writer, during my career, I have had the opportunity to write a handful of books. Being a huge fan of the band U2 and the Chicago Cubs, the highlights of my career thus far as an author have been writing U2: Changing the World Through Rock ’n’ Roll and some stories in For the Love of the Chicago Cubs. Prior to a concert in Chicago in 2015, I had the honor of giving a copy of the U2 book to the Edge, who also signed a copy for me.

Legends of Rock: U2 cover
The World's Most Amazing Structures cover
Latino Legends of Baseball cover
What Is a Hero? cover
Mountain Rescue Teams cover
Kids Ask Who? cover
Kids Ask Why? cover
Alphabet Connections Teacher's Resource Guide cover

If youd like to read what some former clients have to say about working with me, head over to the Feedback page. If youre ready to get started, contact me and send me a sample of your text to review.

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