Editing Experience

  • Angels of Mount Hope by Jay Soupene (2021)

  • Fester by Crawford Smith (2021)

  • On the Roof Gang: Roofers at War by Matt Zullo (2020)

  • Wapsipinicon Summer by Jay Soupene (2020)

  • Screams and Songs of Late Spring by Dan Sanders (2020)

  • The Sad Son by Claire B. Josephine (2020)

  • On the Roof Gang: Prelude to War by Matt Zullo (2020)

  • Coffee for Satan by J, Louise Johnston (2020)

  • Squeeze Play by John Donnelly (2019)

  • Presidential Spirits by Dan Coonan (2019)

  • Jackrabbit by Crawford Smith (2019)

  • The Game by Eric C. Williams (2019)

  • Adventures of Loki by Susan Kenny (2019)

  • History Quest by Lisa Hawkins (2019)

  • The Zodiac Revisited by Michael Cole (2019)

  • My Lover Is a Freedom Fighter by Rana Shubair (2019)

  • Not Just Kids by Methlinie Dasanayake (2019)

  • Pilots in Peril! by Steven Otfinoski (2016)

  • The Untold Story of Henry Knox: The Man Who Saved Boston by Danny Kravitz (2015)

  • The Election of 1860: A Nation Divides on the Eve of War by Jessica Gunderson (2016)

  • For the Love of the Chicago Cubs by Lew Freedman and Marty Strasen (2009)

  • Haunted America: Ghost Stories and True Tales of Terror by various authors (2011)

  • Armchair Reader Goes Hollywood by various authors (2010)

  • Granny and the Gay Guy by James Pauley Jr. and Charlene Potterbaum (2011)

  • The Split History of the D-Day Invasion: A Perspectives Flip Book by Michael Burgan (2018)

  • Notre Dame Football: Yesterday & Today by Marty Strasen (2008)

  • Tommy McKnight and the Great Election by Danny Kravitz (2016)

  • Smithsonian: Exploring the 13 Colonies (series—various authors) (2017)

  • Sailing to Freedom by Jessica Gunderson (2018)

  • Extraordinary Bridges: The Science of How and Why They Were Built by Sonya Newland (2019)

  • The Untold Story of the Black Regiment: Fighting in the Revolutionary War by Michael Burgan (2015)

  • Elephant Bill and Bandoola’s Daring Escape by Steven Otfinoski (2018)

  • Pepper’s Travels with Marco Polo by Nancy Harris (2016)

  • Stranded in the Sierra Nevada: The Story of the Donner Party by Danielle Smith-Llera (2016)

  • Cassia’s Diary: The Story of One Girl's Adventures in Ancient Rome by Andrew Langley (2018)

  • Green Bay Packers: Yesterday & Today by Chuck Carlson (2009)

  • Armchair Reader: The Extraordinary Book of Lists by various authors (2007)

  • The Apollo 13 Mission: Core Events of a Crisis in Space by Kassandra Radomski (2014)

  • Mythology Around the World: Greek Myths by Eric Braun (2019)

  • Adventures in STEAM: Computers by Claudia Martin (2019)

  • It's Your World!: A Crash Course in Social Studies by Kathiann M. Kowalski (2015)

  • That Figures!: A Crash Course in Math by Danielle Hammelef (2015)

  • Awesome Engineering: Skyscrapers by Sally Spray (2018)

  • World Changing Inventions: The Invention of the Telephone by Lucy Beevor (2018)

  • Brain Games: Improve Your Memory by the editors of Publications International, Ltd. (2011)

  • Amazing Festivals: 100s of Hometown Celebrations by Donald Vaughan and Eric Peterson (2011)

  • Pocket Prayers for Women: Simple Prayers of Love by the editors of Publications International, Ltd. (2011)

  • Ghostly Encounters: Terrifying Tales of Paranormal Encounters by Jeff Bahr (2013)

  • Sailing with Leif Eriksson by Nancy Harris (2018)

  • The Making of a Champion: A World-Class Ice Skater by David Preston (2005)

  • 365 Things to Do Before You Go to Heaven by various authors (2011)

  • Armchair Reader: The Book of Unusual Knowledge by various authors (2012)

  • Mrs. Magee’s Unusual Plants by Kelly Gaffney (2017)

  • Immigration Today: Immigrants from Mexico and Central America by Emma Carlson Berne (2019)

  • Baby Boomers: From Acid Rock to Acid Reflux by the editors of Publications International, Ltd. (2006)

Throughout a career that has spanned 19+ years, I have edited more than 200 books. Most children's books were part of a series of four or more books, but in the interest of saving space (i.e., bandwidth), I'll only list a selection of my favorites here. If you'd like to see the entire list, I'd be happy to provide it for you.

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Writing Experience

Although I identify more as an editor than a writer, during my career, I have had the opportunity to write a handful of books. Being a huge fan of the band U2 and the Chicago Cubs, the highlights of my career thus far as an author have been writing U2: Changing the World Through Rock ’n’ Roll and some stories in For the Love of the Chicago Cubs. Prior to a concert in Chicago in 2015, I had the honor of giving a copy of the U2 book to the Edge, who also signed a copy for me.

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